Thursday, January 19, 2012

Over Easy

In case you want to go to the store and purchase a couple of bottles of what I had for breakfast today, I have included a picture of them as they appeared in my refrigerator this morning (yes it is kind of empty right now - only because I don't "stock" my refrigerator unless company is coming) so you would know what to ask for when you just have to have yourself a CT scan prep smoothie. I've gotten so I tolerate them pretty well. I started drinking them at 6AM and finished by 6:30. As you are not allowed to have anything to eat after 4:30AM (which I hadn't consumed anything since the night before), they put a hungry stomach to rest for awhile.

My main anxiety was about the IV stick (instead of having my port accessed as in the past). By now, I'm used to the whole needle thing, but due to some IV needle placement issues in the early days of all this, I'm not wild about the whole concept of an IV stick. However.....

The medical technician that did the stick today has to be one of the best. Small pinch....all done. That anxiety is now discarded. And, since I only have to do 3 more between now and August 2014, I can deal with it.

Next up, a follow up visit with the doctor next Thursday. Not so much anxiety for me between now and then. Here is how it works for me.....If her office calls between now and then and wants to set up another sort of test/scan, we have things to think about. If not, it's a "How are you. I'm fine. How are you? See you in 6 months and 'Oh yes, we need to schedule your next bone marrow biopsy'.." kind of meeting and we part ways until next time.

I feel good. I look good (it's objective, I know). 

Good enough.