Monday, April 30, 2012

Read All About It

As a result of my own thoughts and conversations I've had with others, I've wondered sometimes whether it was wise to put the whole "alien experience" out there. In a group setting once, I heard someone say, "Prospective employers can search for me on the web and land on my blog, journal, etc. and then not hire me because they can see my medical history." When I heard that statement, I was already 3 years into my blog, so I guess it was too late for me to do anything about it.

Later in the day I had an opportunity to have a one on one conversation with the person who made that statement and I told them why I started my blog and how it evolved into something else. I made the idealistic statement,".. that if someone was going to refuse to hire me based on my medical status and not my talent and skills, they didn't deserve me anyway."

The other week, during some down time, I was searching for pictures online and naturally got sidetracked. I decided to search for pictures of Greg Frazee. There are plenty of pictures to see - not all of them me, the initial page, there were pictures of me. If you click on those pictures, the word "cancer" is associated with them.

Guess that makes me a sitting duck.

However, I equate my blog evolution with that of how a person evolves in their faith journey. Some folks come about their faith to save themselves, to punch the ticket of salvation, in hopes of better days ahead and a reservation at the Casa Grande in the sky. That's fine and it works. However, there has to be something beyond just that.

I was pretty self centered about the purpose of the blog at first. It was to save me time spent on the phone and to prevent having to answer the same questions over and over again. It worked. But the blog grew beyond that. As I continued, folks told me the blog was helpful to them so they would know not only how to approach me, but also how to help others. Funny, as time went on, I ended up talking more about what was going on and I found that people didn't step lightly about the subject around me. I didn't want them to.

For now, this duck will continue to sit here, quack out loud, bring others to the pond and show them not only how to float in the pond, but how to swim in it.

With no regrets.