Sunday, March 17, 2013

Was Wondering, But This Explains It

Way back during the time of the "Alien Sabbatical," I spoke of the importance of and how to donate blood.

Soon after the arrival of the alien, I received a routine call from the local blood donation agency here in Richmond. As I have mentioned in the past, I was on the list as a regular platelet donor, so I would receive calls from them periodically when I hadn't made a regular donation.

During the call, I explained to them that I had been recently diagnosed with cancer and would be unable to continue my donations. During the call, they responded with, "We understand. See you in 5 years when you are cured."

During one of my regular appointments with the oncologist after I had been declared "cancer free," and my platelet count was not only back to normal, it was back to counts higher than they had ever been, I said to my oncologist that I would go donate platelets. She replied with, "You will never donate blood or platelets again." I took it as her being protective and didn't question her about it.

However, I came across this article in CURE magazine today and it explains it. Seems as if us blood cancer folks are on the "bad list."

Guess that puts the pressure on you to donate in my place.

In spite of all that, "